The History of FOCUS Credit Union



FOCUS Credit Union was established on May 12, 1969 originally as Florida State Hospital (FSH) Employees Credit Union and located in Chattahoochee, Florida. It began with seven charter members: Julian Davis, Harry E. Shepard, J.B. Locklin, Robert T. Duncan, Clayton J. Brock, J.B. O'Connor, and William D. Myers.


On October, 2, 1995, the Niagara Lockport Credit Union merged with FSH Employees Credit Union. Eight years later, FSH Employees Credit Union was renamed to FOCUS Credit Union, which it remained until it merged with Envision Credit Union on February 1, 2016.


Ron Pickens,    David Pinson
James T Holt Jr John Harris
Aletta Shutes Lee Garner
Becky Sammons      

In honor of the new partnership between FOCUS and Envision, the Focus Foundation of Chattahoochee was established. This foundation exists to continue the support of local charities and organizations in and around Chattahoochee area.

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