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Online Bill Pay

You have to pay them, so let's make it as simple as possible

Here's an easier way to pay your bills. And all you need to do is set up Bill Pay through Online Banking. Then you can schedule payments so you don't miss due dates and monitor all your activity. 

How does it work? Check out our Bill Pay demo. And if you have more questions, take a look at these questions members ask us most frequently. 

Who can I pay using Bill Payment?

You can pay anyone in the United States that you would normally pay by check or automatic debit. You can pay large companies and small companies, as well as individuals such as child care providers or family members. When you pay a bill, Bill Pay sends the payment electronically whenever possible. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, Bill Pay prints a check and sends it to the address you provide when adding your payee.

Are there any limitations to who I can pay with Bill Payment?

You cannot use Bill Pay to pay any company or person with an address outside the United States or its territories. You can use Bill Payment to make state and federal tax payments and court-ordered payments; however, such payments are discouraged and must be scheduled at your own risk.

Are my payments guaranteed?

With the CheckFree Guarantee, you can rest assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. When your payments are processed through CheckFree, you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays. For more information, go to

How does Bill Pay work?

Initial Set Up: To pay your bills online, simply add the companies and people you want to pay. We use this information to make the payments for your bills. Next, add your bills, and then go to the Payment Center. The Pay Bills section lists all of the bills you’ve added in Bill Payment.

Pay Your Bill: To pay a bill, simply enter a payment amount and the date that the payment should be received.

  • Tip: When you enter an amount, the Pay Date box automatically displays the earliest payment date available. You can either accept this date or change it to a later one.
  • Tip: The pay date is the date on which your payee will receive the payment. You can pay as many bills as you want at the same time from the Payment Center.

When does a biller receive my payment?

For most bills, we can deliver your payment the next business day. If we send the payment by check, it can take four days for your biller to receive it.

When is the money for the payment withdrawn from my payment account?

If the payment is sent electronically, the money for the payment is withdrawn from your payment account on the pay date. If the company or person cannot receive electronic payments, Bill Pay prints a check and sends it to the billing address. For some checks, the money for the payment is withdrawn on the pay date. For others, the money is withdrawn when the company or person deposits or cashes the check.

What are automatic payments?

With this feature, you can set up an automatic payment schedule to pay bills of a set amount at regular intervals. For example, you can schedule a payment at the first of each month for your mortgage or rent.

What is an electronic version of a bill?

An electronic version of a bill, which is also called an e-bill, is a bill that you can view and pay online at the Payment Center. It typically contains the same information as a paper bill or statement.

How do electronic bills work with Bill Pay?

We can receive electronic bills from hundreds of companies nationwide. When you add a company that can send electronic bills, an icon appears next to the biller name in the Pay Bills section of the Payment Center:

  1. Click the icon to go to the Add an Electronic Version of My Bill page.
  2. Enter your biller’s required information in order to set up your electronic billing service.

Note: Some billers let you select options for automatic payments of electronic bills. You can decide to pay the total amount due or set limits for automatically paying the bill. You can also decide to pay the bill on the due date or schedule the payment for the earliest date available after you receive the bill.

      3. We send your request to the biller for you!

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