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Focus Foundation

An exciting partnership allows us to support more worthy causes

We're proud to provide volunteers, sponsorships and financial help

In February 2016, we embarked on a partnership with FOCUS Credit Union, headquartered in Chattahoochee, Florida. Founded as the Florida State Hospital Credit Union, FOCUS has a long history of quality member service and strong community commitment.

At Envision Credit Union, we are proud to support local charities and organizations through the FOCUS Foundation, birthed from our merger with FOCUS Credit Union. The Foundation offers support in and around communities served by FOCUS. With a multi-year commitment from Envision Credit Union, this foundation is designed to build stronger communities through volunteer efforts and sponsorship opportunities. These efforts reinforce our beliefs that we all benefit from strong communities.

FOCUS Foundation has been an excellent extension of Envision Credit Union's ongoing outreach efforts. While we've traditionally supported educational programs and events, the FOCUS Foundation gives us a way to support nonprofits and other organizations outside the educational realm.

Meet the Board of Directors

Pictured form left to right:

  • Norman "Champ" Jones - 2nd Vice Chair
  • Ann Johnson - Treasurer
  • Annette Bates - Secretary
  • Linda Kranert - Vice Chair
  • Lee Garner - Chair

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