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Classroom Grants

Supporting teachers and their educational projects

New winners announced every nine weeks

Great educators are always searching for new ways to expand their curriculum and engage their students. Innovative teaching is important, and can be expensive.

We believe in supporting teachers and celebrating their impact on students. Since Envision Credit Union, we've donated more than $205,000 in classroom grants to teachers like you to help implement projects that enhance student education.

Do you have an exciting vision that needs some funding? Consider applying for one of our Classroom Grants. You'll find a copy of the scoring rubric and applicable criteria here.

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Apply Today for Your Grant

Complete the form below and enter to be considered for a $500 Envision Classroom Grant. Grant applicants are only eligible to win one grant per school year. Past winners will need to wait and apply the following school year to give other educators this opportunity. Twelve grant winners will be selected each nine weeks.

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