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We understand how difficult it can be to wrap your head around every money concept out there. That is why we commit to offering you FREE financial education workshops covering a variety of money concepts, like home buying, auto buying, building credit, saving, and much much more. Our workshops are sure to be engaging (but don’t worry, we won’t put you on the spot) with videos, worksheets, and at-home tools to set you up for success all year long.






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Wed, July 8th Credit Scores and Reporting In this workshop, participants will learn what a credit score is, its importance, and how to read a credit report. They'll also learn the tools to maintain a healthy credit score and repair bad credit.
Wed, July 15th Debt Management Participants will learn about the common reasons why people find themselves in debt and the most common types of debt. they will also learn the value of using debt management strategies such as loan consolidation, budgeting, and debt management plans. Finally, participants will compare various debt management solutions and create a personal plan about how to manage their debt.
Wed, July 22nd Budgeting In this workshop, participants will explore the importance of creating and maintaining a budget, examine the differences between wants and needs, and set goals for spending, saving, and debt repayment.
Wed, July 29th Making Budgets Work  Participants will identify personal obstacles to budgeting and create and apply a structure to track and analyze spending. They will also list short, medium, and along-term goals and discuss the importance of debt reduction and building emergency savings. Ultimately, participants will learn to apply strategies to manage day-to-day spending.
Wed, August 5th Mortgage Modifications In this workshop, participants will learn about the different life events that may require them to think about modifying their mortgage, their options, and the resources available to them. 
Wed, August 12th Buying a Car  Participants will learn about the costs of car ownership, outside of a monthly car payment, to distinguish between the listed price and the actual price of a vehicle. They will also learn to determine how much they can budget toward a car payment and discuss different payment options to decide which is right for them. Finally, participants will demonstrate how to evaluate a loan and apply what they've learned to "shopping around" and contract negotiations. 
Wed, August 19th Retirement  In this workshop, participants will begin to prepare for retirement readiness by creating a savings plan and learning about investment vehicles that may allow them to grow their wealth. They will also set financial goals and learn how to manage them.
Wed, August 26th Considering Home Ownership In this workshop, participants who may be thinking about buying a home will learn what financial preparation is required prior to purchasing a home. They will understand the factors that can affect their eligibility for a loan, the different mortgage options available to them, and learn how to estimate what they an afford to pay for a home. 


Register in advance for any of the webinars:

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