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At Envision, we understand that we may find ourselves in certain financial situations or life events that make staying on track very difficult. Sometimes, access to free financial education resources may not be enough. That's why we have a certified financial advisor available to members in the event you need a little extra help.

Meet Herschel Holloway (pictured above). Herschel is a Community Development Manager that has been with the credit union for over 6 years. He has 10 years of banking experience and received his certification for one-on-one financial counseling in September of 2019. As an advisor, Herschel's role is to help you create strategies for lowering any financial risk and help you strengthen your financial outlook to better prepare you for whatever life events may come your way.

You are welcomed to request a consultation with Herschel, but before you do, we ask that you do some pre-work in order to better help him help you, saving you both time.  Depending on your specific needs, we recommend that you take a look at our self-guided financial education, MoneyWi$e. 

MoneyWi$e is a financial education program with various money topics that are displayed in playlists. You can choose which playlist you'd like to see based on your personal needs. These playlists include topics like:

Financial Foundation - Understand the basics of some key financial concepts

Building Financial Capability - Understand how to better manage your money and avoid some common financial dangers

Investing in Your Future - From paying for college to developing saving strategies, learn how to be more financially prepared in the years ahead 

Owning a Home - Explore the benefits and costs of buying and owning a home

Preparing for Retirement - Learn what, when, why, and how you should prepare for an eventual retirement 

Start exploring today!


What's Next?

Once you've visited the playlists that are appropriate to your situation, you may complete the following form to request an initial consultation. A financial counselor will reach out to you to to schedule upon receiving your request. Should we request specific documents or information prior to your consultation, please remit those items to us at at least 3 business days prior to your consultation. Failure to do so may require you to reschedule your appointment. It's important that your counselor has sufficient time to review your information in order to best prepare for your consultation and keep your appointment block within the time allotted. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please find the budget form attached. This form is required for 1-on-1 counseling requests. Simply complete, save, and upload to the form below (or email to


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