Navigating your taxes can be confusing, so we’re sharing our top tips to help you file with confidence and ease! Check out the information below to ensure a successful tax season.

Tax Tips

  • The 2020 tax deadline is May 15, 2020.
  • When filing your taxes, make sure to note any big life changes to ensure you file under the correct status and get the most money back.
  • If you want to get your money faster, opt for direct deposit instead of waiting for a check to arrive. See below for more information about setting up a direct deposit refund.
  • Always direct your tax refund to an account that is authorized in your name.
  • Never give your eBranch login or password to anyone for any reason.
  • Make a note of your refund amount to verify that your deposit amount is what you expected.
  • Check your refund’s status at and click “Where’s My Refund?”
  • If you accidentally received someone else’s tax return, follow these IRS instructions: 
  • Learn how to understand your pay stub and what to expect during tax season by watching this video, or download this handout for an easy breakdown.


Send Your Return to the Correct Account

Follow these steps to ensure your tax return is deposited in your correct Envision account:

  1. Locate the refund section of your tax return.
  2. Enter the Envision Credit Union Routing Number: 263182558.
  3. You must specify the account type, either “Savings” or “Checking” for your direct deposit.
  4. In order to make the deposit into your “Savings” you will provide your normal member number.
  5. In order to deposit to your “Checking” account you will provide the 8 or 12 digit account number listed at the bottom of your checks. If you do not have checks or access to your account number, click here to learn more on how you can find it.
  6. Double check you put in the correct account and routing number before filing.
  7. File your return on time – May 15, 2020.