Our history and our future

On January 14, 1954, 10 Leon County teachers applied to the Comptroller of the State of Florida for a Certificate of Organization to create the Leon County Teachers Credit Union with an initial investment of $5 each. Twelve days later, their application was approved.  The first member of the credit union was Edna Tait (pictured below).

For many years, Ms. Lora Lewis (pictured below) served as Treasurer and ran the Credit Union out of her desk in her classroom at Leon High. Many of her records and change fund were kept in an old cigar box. She even opened for business on Saturdays from her kitchen!


Lora Lewis, September 1968

Edna Tait

Board of Directors, 1972

Parade, Tallahassee, 1994


In February of 2016, after a few different name changes from Leon County Teachers, to North Florida Education and now Envision Credit Union, we embarked on a partnership with FOCUS Credit Union headquartered in Chattahoochee, Florida. Originally founded as the Florida State Hospital Credit Union, FOCUS has a long standing history of quality member service with a strong commitment to their community.  The partnership with FOCUS opened membership to residents and employees living in both Jackson County, Florida and Decatur County, Georgia, expanding our mission’s reach to provide personalized products with exceptional value to new communities.

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August of 2017 brought about another opportunity to continue to further expand our mission and community involvement by partnering with Rose City Federal Credit Union headquartered in Thomasville, Georgia.  Rose City has made a name for themselves by providing first class member service.  The merger with Envision will bring new products and services, along with cutting edge technology, to the Rose City members.  This partnership will give the combined Credit Union the ability to continue to serve our members and community in new and exciting ways!

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More than 60 years have passed and the $50 initial investment has grown to more than $621 million. What began as a modest attempt to match the savings needs of some members to the borrowing needs of other members has become a full-service financial institution serving more than 55,000 members at twelve locations, and around the world via the Internet. That's a long way from Ms. Lewis' kitchen and a cigar box. By providing access through personal computers and mobile devices, we now have as many "branches" as there are members.

Throughout our history, the outward, visible part of the Credit Union has changed, but the underlying principles remain the same – a not-for-profit, not-for-charity, financial institution providing related services to members at the lowest possible cost. From Leon County Teachers Credit Union to North Florida Education Credit Union to Envision Credit Union, members remain the owners of the Credit Union that operates for their mutual benefit. 

Our Mission

Envision Credit Union will safeguard and manage effectively the assets entrusted to us by our member-owners; will improve the economic well-being of our member-owners by delivering convenient, personalized products and services of exceptional value; and will uphold the credit union philosophy of people helping people.



Our Financial Report

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