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What We Mean When We Say "Educator"

April 2, 2018

Hello Educators! With Spring Break just behind us, and the of the end of the school year in sight, I bet you're just itching for Summer Break! My 10-year is old too! First, I want to thank each and every one of you for all of your hard work all year long. I want to take a moment to back up just a bit and talk about what Envision means when we say "Educator". When we say "Educator" we don't just mean teachers with a classroom. We know that it takes all hands on deck to operate a school where young minds can flourish. So when we say "Educator", we mean ANY school-related employee, because every employee is a huge part of influencing our students.

Educators, like you, are the reason Envision now serves more than 55,000 members in twelve counties across North Florida and South Georgia. In 1954, ten teachers created the Leon County's Teacher's Credit Union with an investment of $5 each. Though the name has changed, the underlying principles have remained the same, and we're just as devoted to teachers today as we were then.

As a thank you for all you do, YOU have exclusive offerings that no one else in our membership is entitled to. Like our Educator Discount on loans, Driver's Ed on auto loans, and $500 Classroom Grants. Also, we know how tough planning ahead is, so we want to help make that easier for you. Check out our Holiday and Vacation Club Savings Accounts, designed to help you save out-of-sight, out-of-mind through automatic transfer. These savings accounts ensure a less stressful season for you.

Lastly, did you know that Envision offers a CD that earns you 1.85%* APY? No April Fools joke here. If you want to stash some cash away and earn a higher return, move it on over to Certificate Plus today. It will safely grow for 21 months with an opening balance of $5,000 or more. Plus, your deposit is protected and insured by the NCUA up to $250,000, making it your safer option. Visit for more information.

Make sure you are taking advantage of all these great offerings included in your membership. If you're not yet a member, no problem! You can get started today!

Visit for more information. While you're there, sign up to be added to our Educator list so that you are always in the know about our special offers and news.

On behalf of all of our staff, we wish you a fantastic ending to your school year. You're in the home-stretch, so hang in there! Don't're here for your students, and we're here for you!

~Kelli Walter, Community Development

*Annual Percentage Yield. 21 month Share Certificate at an interest rate of 1.84% and an APY of 1.85%. Minimum opening deposit of $5,000. Limited time only, Envision Credit Union reserves the right to change or discontinue this program at any time.

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