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Welcome Flowers Employees Financial Services Members!

Easily Open A New Checking Account Online Here

Now through May 30, 2022 Open a checking account and earn these fun specials!

Easily access your funds with a checking account with no minimum balance and FREE debit card and uChoose debit rewards program!

Now through May 30, 2022 open a checking account with free debit card and you will:

  • have access to over 30,000 ATMs around the country
  • Receive 1,000 bonus uChoose points when logging in and activating your uChoose account*
  • Add Direct deposit and be eligible for our Holiday and Extra Credit Loans
  • Unlock even more online functions like mobile deposit and POP Money

When using your Flowers Employees Financial Services debit card choose credit for extra rewards! That means EVERY time you use your Flowers Employees FInancial Services debit card as credit you will earn uChoose points redeemable for vacation packages, gift cards, name brand merchandise, and so much more!

Login and register your uChoose account here


ALSO, Login to your online banking account now through May 30, 2022 and be entered into a drawing for a free iPad**


*Must register your uChoose account February 1, 2022 through May 30, 2022 to receive a one time bonus of 1,000 uChoose points. Points will be added to your account by June 30, 2022.

**Official rules for iPad drawing click here