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Another School Year Complete.....Whew!

May 28, 2016

Leon is known for its traditions. By far and away, one of my favorites is singing round the lion. The lobby of the main building has a natural acoustic affect so on Fridays, just before lunch, the choral class will sing a few songs around the lion statue.

On the last day for seniors, after their awards program and luncheon, we gather around the lion to listen to the choral groups sing. The selection usually includes their concert preparations, the alma mater, and our fight song. 

It’s moving. Watching them stand shoulder to shoulder, singing along, you can see the emotion of the moment on their faces. There are many tears and just as many smiles. 

Leon is home. High school, as hard as it can be, and as eager as they may be to move on, is familiar. Beyond these halls they will move on to careers and college, mistakes and triumphs,  victories and defeats. From here the real story begins.


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