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The journey begins.....

March 30, 2016

Hello everyone! 

I’m so excited to begin working with Envision Credit Union as the 2016 Envisioneer. I feel honored and a profound sense of gratitude to all the individuals out there who not only took the time to vote themselves but who went the extra step and shared the link to vote with their families and friends. My life is greatly enriched for the wonderful people I get to know and love through my family, school, church, and community. Thank you all! 

I’ve been banking with Envision Credit Union since I was a child and my parents took me to open my first savings account. Imagine my delight when I discover that Leon High School, where I now teach, is also where Envision Credit Union got it’s start! 

My love of learning comes from my Mom who is still one of the most phenomenal educators I have ever encountered. She has always inspired my siblings and I to read and to learn for the pure joy of understanding.

From my Daddy, I grew up learning about personal finance, a favorite subject of his along with history and agriculture. In teaching economics and government, I have found a way to combine these two loves. 

This first blog post falls in April which is perfect because…(dramatic pause and rapid eyebrow waggling)….April is personal financial literacy month!

“Just as it was not possible to live in an industrialized society without print literacy – the ability to read and write – so it is not possible to live in today’s world without being financially literate.  To fully participate in society today, financial literacy is critical.”

        -  Prof. Annamaria Lusardi, George Washington University

Personal Financial Literacy is a topic that I am passionate about. I have seen first hand the questions and challenges students face as they prepare for graduation and the “real world.” They are overwhelmed and intimidated by the vocabulary and concepts associated with personal finance. This unfamiliarity often leaves them feeling insecure in their financial choices. We are leaving far too many students to learn from painful and often negative experiences instead of equipping them with the understanding to make confident and sound financial choices. We all make mistakes and personal financial security is a daily journey but there are basic foundational concepts that will help us on our paths.

This month, I will be focusing on personal finance topics in the hopes of shedding a little light on a subject that often goes overlooked. I am excited and grateful to be your Envisioneer! We are going to have so much fun! 

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