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It has been a privilege.

January 27, 2017

Of all of the amazing experiences I had as the 2016 Envisioneer, I believe the greatest for me has been the opportunity to connect with people. From the out pouring of well wishes when my selection as Envisioneer was announced to being recognized from my picture on the bank’s marquee, opportunities for conversation have been abundant. Conversational topics have varied from what the Envisioneer does to why I became a teacher but at the end of each, I felt that a personal connection was made. To hear the concerns and success stories of community members has further fueled my motivation to share the value of financial literacy education. Working with Envision in their efforts to improve education has been a privilege and an honor I will always hold in high regard.  

In my final message as Envisioneer, I would ask you to consider one of my favorite quotes, “Believe in yourselves, in your capacity to do something remarkable. The work of the world is done by ordinary people who have learned to work in an extraordinary way.” - Gordon B. Hinckley  

We will each define extraordinary for ourselves. However, the tools we need are the same. We all need perseverance, hard work, and dedication. I hope that when my students leave my classroom they know I have confidence in their ability to shape their future and build the life they want for themselves. I believe they can make their own informed decisions and can learn from failure. I know they can accomplish their chosen work in an extraordinary way. And I believe the same of you. You have the capacity to do something remarkable. 

Thank you all for the support, encouragement, and conversation this year. It has truly been a privilege.

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