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What's Hopping in Education

February 27, 2015

Hopping from State to State to Educate!!

Zoodles-Animal Education Program has been hopping throughout North Florida to educate our youth about the habitats, diets, and lives of various animals. Their featured super star during their campus visit was none other than Trent The Kangaroo.  Kangaroos are the largest living marsupials and can survive long periods of time without water. Full-grown kangaroos can jump as far as 20 feet in one jump and can move as fast 32 miles per hour for up to 30 minutes. Educating our students about various animals around the world, survival strategies, and how our lifestyles impact our environment can be critical to the preservation of species like the kangaroo.

See Video Clip Below:

- Dr. Christopher Small, Proud 2015 Envisioneer

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