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Divorce Financial Planning

August 4, 2023

How to Manage Money after a Divorce: Tips from Envision Credit Union

Divorce is undoubtedly one of the most challenging life events a person can experience. Apart from the emotional turmoil, the financial implications can be daunting. At Envision Credit Union, we deeply understand these life-changing moments and are committed to guiding our members through them. In light of this, we’ve put together essential tips on how to manage money after a divorce, specifically catering to our "life changers" customer segment.

Understanding the New Financial Reality

1. Review and Adjust Your Budget

Begin by taking a close look at your monthly expenses and income. Recognize that your financial situation might have dramatically shifted. It's vital to adjust your budget accordingly to avoid falling into debt. With tools and resources provided by Envision Credit Union, like checking accounts and savings accounts, you can keep a tab on your finances more efficiently.

2. Divide Assets and Liabilities Fairly

Work with your ex-partner to divvy up shared assets and liabilities. This might include joint savings accounts, mortgages, auto loans, and other shared financial responsibilities. Consider seeking professional advice to ensure a fair distribution.

Secure Your Financial Future

3. Update Beneficiaries and Accounts

Don’t forget to update the beneficiaries on your savings accounts, insurance policies, retirement accounts, and other financial accounts. Also, consider opening new individual accounts at trusted institutions like Envision Credit Union to ensure your money is managed effectively and securely.

4. Rebuild Credit if Needed

Divorce can sometimes impact your credit score, especially if joint accounts were mishandled. As a member-focused credit union in North Florida and South Georgia, Envision offers products and services tailored to improve our members' financial positions, including assistance in building credit.

Leverage Envision Credit Union’s Resources

5. Seek Financial Counseling

If you're feeling overwhelmed, consider seeking financial counseling. Envision Credit Union is dedicated to improving our members’ financial positions, and this includes providing advice during these critical life moments.

6. Explore Financial Products for Life Changers

From mortgages after a divorce to personal and business loans to help you get back on your feet, Envision has a suite of products tailored for those undergoing significant life changes.

In conclusion, while the journey post-divorce can seem intimidating, remember that you're not alone. Whether you're in Tallahassee, Marianna, Chattahoochee, Quincy, Florida, Bainbridge, or Thomasville, Georgia, Envision Credit Union is here to guide and support you every step of the way.
For more resources and information, visit Envision Credit Union's official website.

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