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Tips for Parent: It Starts With You

March 9, 2015


  • Notice times when your kids are most likely to talk — for example, at bedtime, before dinner, in the car — and be available.
  • Start the conversation; it lets your kids know you care about what's happening in their lives.
  • Find time each week for a one-on-one activity with each child, and avoid scheduling other activities during that time.
  • Learn about your children's interests — for example, favorite music and activities — and show interest in them.
  • Initiate conversations by sharing what you have been thinking about rather than beginning a conversation with a question.

Gilchrist Celebrates the Holidays

December 29, 2014

Last week, the 5 grade students at Gilchrist Elementary School present their parents and the faculty with a winter musical  The stage was filled with excited students, and it was standing room only in the Gilchrist cafeteria.

November is Parent Involvement Month

November 6, 2014

November kicks off Parent Involvement Month with the Florida Department of Education. This year, DOE decided to do something different.