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4th Annual Golden ACE Awards

March 29, 2015

The Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals hosted the fourth annual Golden A.C.E. Awards on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

4th Annual Capital City Teen Step Show

March 29, 2015

The Young men of the Tallahassee Kappa League and the Tallahassee Chapter of Distinguished Young Gentlemen hosted their 4th Annual Teen Step Show and Scholarship Event recently. 

Annual Youth Art Competition

March 14, 2015

Congratulations to all of our local Leon County Youth Artisits who were featured in this years Youth Art Competition.

2015 Brain Bowl Competition

March 14, 2015

Congratulations to MaClay Schools for winning the 2015 District Brain Bowl. 

Tips for Parent: It Starts With You

March 9, 2015


  • Notice times when your kids are most likely to talk — for example, at bedtime, before dinner, in the car — and be available.
  • Start the conversation; it lets your kids know you care about what's happening in their lives.
  • Find time each week for a one-on-one activity with each child, and avoid scheduling other activities during that time.
  • Learn about your children's interests — for example, favorite music and activities — and show interest in them.
  • Initiate conversations by sharing what you have been thinking about rather than beginning a conversation with a question.

STEM Initiatives Take Center Stage

March 4, 2015

Florida Legislature members attended a reception for the Consortium of Florida Education Foundation (CFEF) at the Florida Capital Building. 

History Throughout Leon County

March 4, 2015

Throughout Leon County Schools, school leaders and teachers are working to expose students to elements of Jazz music, art, science inventions, and historical figures that have helped to shape the world of today.

Black History Education

February 28, 2015

Black History Month Celebrations

What's Hopping in Education

February 28, 2015

Hopping from State to State to Educate!!

Congratulations to our 2015 Envisioneer!

February 27, 2015

We are so happy to announce that the community has voted and the 2015 Envisioneer is Dr. Christopher Small of Springwood Elementary School!