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Congratulations to our Winter 2017 Grant Winners! 

Each winner received a $500 gift card along with other Envision goodies.




Christy Baldwin of School of Arts and Sciences at the Centre for her project titled “Learning with Circuits.” With this grant, students in kindergarten through fifth grade will be able to learn the basics of circuits, electricity, forces, and simple machines. Students will be tasked with projects such as “build a robot to complete of piece of art” once they understand the basics of their circuit kits.



Elizabeth Calhoun of Conley Elementary for her project titled “What’s Next.” With this grant, Ms. Calhoun will be purchasing a piece of technology called a Nabi that engages students while they wait for their fellow students to finish assignments. “The Nabi will help to continue promoting a sense of independence while having engaging apps that enrich or re-teach lessons aligned with our standards and curriculum, but in a fun, non-traditional way using technology.”


Cherly Nix of Roberts Elementary for her project titled “Circuits on the Menu.” 110 students will complete circuits to power miniature restaurants they have already made in class. The students will design, build, test, and repeat until their restaurants light up. This project teaches students about the science of electricity “in a real-life, problem-solving, project-based learning experience.”


Kim Perez of Buck Lake Elementary for her grant titled “Learning through Nature: The Living Laboratory.” With this grant, 750 students in kindergarten through fifth grade will be able to plan and construct four butterfly and vegetable gardens, and the area doubles as an outdoor classroom. Three of the gardens are even raised off the ground, allowing those in wheelchairs better viewing, and giving everyone eye-level viewing of the life cycles of plants and insects. Also, fruits and vegetables from the garden will be eaten in classrooms and donated to local charities.



Brittany Poirier of School of Arts and Sciences at the Centre for her grant titled “Let’s Get Flexible!” With this grant, Ms. Poirier will be purchasing several different seating options for students. By choosing the best work environment, Ms. Poirier says, “It will teach them about making the best choice for them and their learning style, it will create a platform for more independence in their learning, and it will build confidence that they will carry with them as they grow older.”



Meaghan Wetherington of Sabal Palm Elementary for her grant titled “Q Up for Number Talks.” With this grant, Ms. Wetherington will be able to purchase three Q-Balls—an interactive speaker that can be tossed around the classroom to promote student engagement in group discussions and activities. Paired with their current math curriculum, these tools will help build confidence and practice cooperative group learning.