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Congratulations to our Winter 2016 Grant Winners! 

Each winner received a $500 gift card along with other Envision goodies.


Christopher Miller of Lawton Chiles High School for his project titled “National Orchestra Festival Performance.” Christopher used his grant to help fund a trip to Pittsburgh for his orchestra group to participate in the National Orchestra Festival. The students practiced for six months to earn a spot at this competition, and they competed against 15 other high school orchestras. The students learned fundraising and budgeting skills from this experience.



Michael Zatoris of Lincoln High School for his project titled “Bringing African American History to Life.” Michael used his grant to take his forty-six students to the John G. Riley Center to explore local African American history and attend a production of Ain’t I a Woman! at the Goodwood Museum and Gardens.




Renee Martinello of Fort Braden School for her project titled “Rockin’ and Rollin’ to 3rd Grade.” Renee used her grant to purchase Hokki Stools, which are stools that allow students to move their bodies during instruction without disrupting the classroom.



Jennifer Vanderhoof of Killearn Lakes Elementary for her project titled “Noise Cancelling Headphones for Special Ed Students.” Jennifer used her grant to purchase noise cancelling and noise muffling headphones for her students. These headphones would help the students maintain focus in order to learn basic reading and math critical thinking skills.



Courtney Collins of Pace Secondary School for her project titled “Geogebra Geniuses.” Courtney used her grant to purchase Amazon Kindle Fires and the program Geogebra so her students could manipulate geometry theorems using a hands-on approach.




Aurora Cavano of The School of Arts and Sciences for her project titled “The Technology Center: Building Literacy and Math Skills through Technology.” Aurora used her grant to purchase Kindle Fires and headphones for her classroom. This allowed them to complete their math and reading technology packs and launch their full Technology Center.