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Congratulations to our Summer 2017 Grant Winners! 

Each winner received a $500 gift card along with other Envision goodies.





Katherine Chitty is a first grade teacher at W.T. Moore Elementary School. Her classroom grant, titled "Learning Sign Language," will help her students learn sign language so they can communicate with hearing impaired students throughout the school and throughout the world. With this grant, she will be able to purchase an iPad and bean bags for a learning station, two Children's Dictionary of ASL (American Sign Language) and ASL flashcards. 

  Heather Light is a teacher at School of Arts and Sciences.  Her grant, titled "Technology to Promote a Calm and Helpful Environment," will help her students find balance when learning visual arts through technology. This grant will help Heather fund the purchase of devices for the art classroom that engages students, fosters mindfulness, and promotes smooth management and instruction. Students on the Autism spectrum will greatly benefit from a calm environment that is engaging but not over-stimulating.


  Mis'Shaylanqua Lakei Smith is a 4th grade teacher at Conley Elementary School.  Her grant, titled "Classroom Budgeting," will allow her to use a program called My Classroom Economy to provide a one-stop shop for all of the necessary material for the entire class to learn financial literacy and money management. Her students will learn to set financial goals, earn an "income", budget, and shop for items they wish to purchase. They will even have a pretend bank with tellers where they can learn what it's like to visit a financial center for their banking needs.


  Katelin Clark teaches 2nd and 3rd grades at School of Arts and Sciences.  Her grant, titled "Dragon Entrepreneurs," provides a hands-on experience as students create, then market and sell goods and services. She will be able to purchase curriculum from that will cover economics standards and important concepts in thirteen lessons. Her students will learn the basics of business, entrepreneurship, and finance. They will create their own business providing either a good or service which they will market to their peers and advertise to the school. They will sell their goods or services at the Dragon Market. Then they will analyze their sales and profits, determining what worked well and what could be done differently. 



Cheryl Frazier Boldt teaches 3rd grade at Kate Sullivan Elementary School.  Her grant, titled "Listening and Learning in the Classroom," will allow her to open the magical door of reading to many ESOL and struggling students. This grant will fund MP3 players, protective cases, headphones, a charging station, and audiobooks to expand and update her listening center. All of the books she plans to purchase will be at or above the 3rd grade level, increasing reading opportunities for below grade-level students as well as providing challenging text for above grade-level students.

  Randy Baez is a K-5 music teacher at DeSoto Trail Elementary. Randy's grant, titled "A Trip to the Caribbean," will impact all students, first through fifth grade, and will allow them to explore and learn new music fundamentals while learning about the culture of the Caribbean countries. With this grant, Randy will be able to purchase steel drums to complement other classroom instruments, and to incorporate the studies of the Caribbean as a cross-curriculum activity for students.