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Congratulations to our Summer 2016 Grant Winners! 

Each winner received a $500 gift card along with other Envision goodies.






Bridget Gainous is a teacher at Riley Elementary School. Her classroom grant, titled "Hooked on Books with NOOKS," will enable at risk students to improve their reading skills through utilization of Nook eReader Tablets equipped with downloaded nonfiction and fiction texts. The devices will allow students to have excess to a variety books, magazines, and audiobooks. 


  Cassie Hurst is a teacher at Canopy Oaks Elementary School.  Her grant, titled "Wobble Into Learning," will provide wobble chairs as an alternate seating option for her students to increase focus through movement and activity!


  Karen Levesque is a teacher at Conley Elementary School.  Karen's grant, titled "Live Long and Lego," will utilize the Lego Education Story-starter curriculum sets and Story-visualizer Software to teach and engage third grade students in hands-on minds-on writing experiences! Students will use the Lego Story kits to create and build stories using the bricks and mini-figures, and then use the Story-visualizer Software to photograph, write, and publish their stories.


  Kathryn Spradlin teaches at Godby High School.  Her grant, titled "Godby Locker Library," will allow students to work with design programs, such as Adobe InDesign, to create and paint vinyl on the English Building's lockers. Students will also vote on which books to showcase on the lockers. During the second nine weeks, the creative writing classes, along with the community service classes, and teacher and staff volunteers will carry out the project and complete the locker library before the Winter Break. 



Kelly Mitchem teaches at Crawfordville Elementary School.  Her grant, titled "Investigation through Inquiry," assists students with hands-on, investigatory learning of physical, earth, and life science through inquiry, technology, and project-based learning.

  Krystal Oranika is a teacher at Astoria Park Elementary. Krystal’s grant, titled "Say Yes to iPad," transformed her classroom to meet the demands of today’s society by incorporating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math initiatives (STEM). The use of iPads will allowed her students a chance to discover their world through virtual, hands on explorations.