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Congratulations to our Spring 2016 Grant Winners! 

Each winner received a $500 gift card along with other Envision goodies.






Carol Bird is a 4th Grade teacher at DeSoto Trail Elementary.  Her Envision Classroom Grant will be aimed at helping special attention students excel in school.  She plans on purchasing ‘stand-up’ desks to alleviate the stress that sedentary learning can have on these students. 

  Elizabeth Calhoun is a kindergarten teacher at Bond Elementary.  With her Envision Classroom Grant, she is hoping to take advantage of after-school hours with her students.  Her project “Seeing Double” will engage children and excite about learning.  She plans to create teaching videos in which she will reinforce the day’s lessons with her kids. 


Kymberli Cosner is a Math and Science teacher to 4th graders at Imagine School at Evening Rose.  Through her Envision Classroom Grant, Ms. Cosner is trying to begin an iPad collection for her students.  She plans to use the iPads to not only reward good behavior, but also encourage fact fluency in a fun way!

Ms. Cosner is looking to engage those students who might be a little more easily distracted with this hand-on way of learning.  By putting the learning in their own hands, she feels she can keep their attention and engage students for longer periods of time. 

  Jacquelyn Crutchfield teaches 6th to 8th grade students at Fairview Middle.  Through her Envision Classroom Grant, Ms. Crutchfield will teach students real-life skills that will help them in future jobs. Ms. Crutchfield’s project will engage student and excite them about future careers.  This project will be great for team morale, teach professional skills, and promote organization.  


Shayla Lightfoot-Brown is a 5th Grade teacher at Sabal Palm Elementary. The school created a book club for students who have shown a real interest in reading.  The book club has experienced success with almost 80% of 5th grade students participating. 

With her Classroom Grant, Ms. Lightfoot-Brown is looking to expand the already successful book club.  She plans to create a VIP group within the book club that encourages students to read even more by providing them with their own personal library. 

The students in the VIP Club will be encouraged to participate in the ‘reading pal’ program in which they will help struggling readers in the k-2nd grade classrooms once a week. 

  Melinda Wilson teaches 3rd through 5th graders at Riley Elementary. With her Envision Classroom Grant, Ms. Wilson will put a spin on the traditional book club idea.  Her project will allow kids to get excited about the books they love.  Kids will be encouraged to make a 30 second ‘commercial’ for their favorite books to show to other students. Her Classroom Grant will let her buy recording equipment and a new collection of some of the kids' favorite books.