There is no better time than summer to have extra cash in your pocket. For the month of June, feel free to skip a payment on an eligible loan and reward yourself. You can use the extra cash for a special purchase, summer vacation, take a healthy chunk out of your debt, or just enjoy a month without a payment.

Examples of Eligible* Skip a Payment Loans:

  • Auto Loans
  • Life Style Loans
  • Boat and RV Loans
  • Recreational Vehicle Loans

How to Skip a Payment:

To request to skip a payment on a loan:

  • All borrowers and co-borrowers must sign.  Please see instructions below on adding the co-borrower's name and email on the first screen.
  • Visit one of our Financial Centers and submit a request in person
  • Complete the Skip-A-Pay Form and sign from your computer, tablet, or smart phone using DocuSignTM,     
  • Instructions for using DocuSignTM
  • Call (850) 942-9000 for assistance in submitting your request
  • All requests must be submitted by Friday, June 23, 2017


*To be eligible for this offer, all Credit Union loans and accounts must be in good standing. Mortgage loans, Home Equity loans, Home Equity lines of credit, Holiday loans, Extra Credit loans, Personal Lines of Credit, and credit cards are not eligible for this program. If you have requested a skip for any ineligible loan suffix, such loan suffix will not be part of any Credit Union approval of any other Loan(s). The Credit Union may approve or deny all or part of this request in the Credit Union’s sole discretion. Interest shall continue to accrue on the unpaid Loan balance during any period of skipped payment. You shall be required to make additional periodic payments until the Loan is paid in full to the Credit Union, thus extending the term of the Loan and the Loan’s maturity date and increasing the amount of interest and finance charges payable for the Loan. A processing fee of $25 [which is a FINANCE CHARGE] will be assessed per eligible loan which is approved for a payment skip.  Processing fee will be deducted from the member’s account by the Credit Union.  Deadline for requests is June 23, 2017.  See Skip A Payment request form for details.