More money in your pocket

Envision Credit Union helps you save money on your home purchase when you choose one of the experienced real estate agents in our network through the HomeAdvantage™ program. 

  • Register for the program and use one Envision's trusted real estate agents to earn your rebate 
  • Your rebate will be provided by CU Realty* after your closing
  • The rebate is based on a percentage of the agent's commission
  • Search for a home by accessing the same MLS data that real estate agents use, free of charge
  • Find a reliable real estate agent through Envision's network of realtor partners in the Tallahassee area
  • Save additional money when you register for the HomeAdvantage™ program and receive a rebate by using one of our trusted real estate agents

* The HomeAdvantage™ program, along with its features and benefits, is available to you through a joint relationship between your credit union and CU Realty Services. In order to earn a rebate, buyers and sellers must use one of the real estate agents listed in the approved agent network. Rebate amounts will vary depending on the price of the house sold or purchased, and the commissions paid out to the agent. Rebates are available in most states. Please consult with your credit union to get details that may affect you.