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Response to the Heartbleed Bug

We wanted to address the recent media coverage relating to the “Heartbleed Bug” and the potential threat of breached information. This bug, or flaw, was present in the OpenSSL software used to encrypt many data transactions made online. During the vulnerability period, any communications or transactions that took place over SSL encrypted servers could have been subject to malicious eavesdropping.

Envision Credit Union is aware of the potential security concerns over Open SSL encryption. It is important to recognize that our eBranch (Home Banking) system does not use OpenSSL so we are not subject to the vulnerability. We have taken the necessary steps to update our SSL and utilize the newest releases. No action is required by our members but we encourage you to change passwords periodically. There have been several external websites deemed as vulnerable so we strongly encourage you to update your password after the fix has been installed and systems have been updated. 

Please contact us with any questions you may have and thank you for your cooperation.

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