Learn and Win with MoneyWi$e

We're so proud of you! We understand that these are trying times. Distance learning has kept you away from teachers, classmates, and extracurricular activities. But through at all, you've still managed to accomplish an important goal of graduation. And to that, we say congratulations!

Now you're on to the next steps in your lives. For most of you, that next step is college. A very important aspect of college is paying for it. Paying for college can be very confusing. That is why we have MoneyWi$e to educate you on all of the smart and safe ways to achieve financial success.


What is MoneyWi$e?

MoneyWi$e is a financial education program with various money topics that are displayed in playlists. You can choose which playlist you'd like to see based on your personal needs.

What is the prize?

A brand new Apple iPad®!

How do I win?

Sign up or login to MoneyWi$e. Then, complete the "Investing in Your Future" playlist, and you will be automatically eligible to win.

What's the deadline?

All eligible entries must be made by May 31st.


Start here to learn how to pay for college!