Cover Your Accounts

Overdraft protection automatically transfers money from one of your alternate accounts, should you have less money in it than you need to process a transaction. With overdraft protection, you are essentially borrowing your own funds from a separate account to protect your checking account from being overdrawn.

Opt-in for this service and whichever Envision Credit Union account you choose to link will cover any overdrafts on checks, automatic bill payments, and other transactions made using your checking account, except as otherwise described in the Membership Agreement and Disclosures. You also can opt-in for coverage of ATM withdrawals and certain debit card purchases.

  • Envision Credit Union needs your authorization to pay for certain types of transactions, and you'll be denied if you do not opt-in.
  • Overdraft protection is provided by automatically transferring funds from a linked Envision Credit Union account (e.g. savings, deposit account, an overdraft line-of-credit account, or other account you so designate) if there is less in it than needed to cover a transaction. 
  • We charge a $5 fee for each overdraft transfer.