Enhanced security, same convenience

Envision Credit Union has adopted chip technology to offer an additional layer of security to your credit card purchases. Chip Cards contain a microchip that is nearly impossible to replicate, thereby preventing fraud. 

Many U.S. retailers have converted their point-of-sale terminals to add a Chip Card readers. You can continue using your Envision Credit Union MasterCard® with added peace of mind from this progressive technology. 

Chip Card FAQs 

Can any person walking by me use a card reader to defraud the MasterCard® Credit Card with the new chip card feature?

The chip on the card will need to come into contact with the terminal to read. You can also create a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for further security. Additionally, if a skimming device reads the card, it can only be used once due to the dynamic nature of the card. This prevents a scammer from using the card continuously.

Why should I be issued the new chip MasterCard® Credit Card?

The United States is making a slow transition to chip-style credit cards. Most international merchants process only chip cards during transactions. Envision Credit Union wants you to have access to your funds even during travel. This conversion will enable you to use the dual card with both the chip and magnetic stripe until a full United States conversion occurs within the next several years.

Will this chip card protect me from acts of fraud?

With new chip technology, your Envision MasterCard® Credit Card offers increased security against fraudsters.

Will I receive my new chip credit card immediately?

Yes!  Your chip-enabled MasterCard® Credit Card will arrive in 7-10 days in the mail to the address on file. 

Can I still have an image of my choice on the new Visa® Credit Card?

Unfortunately, with the new transition, you will not be able to select an image for your chip card.